Projects - Past and Future 

@ Eris Evolution

October 3rd-4th, 2019

Steve has just dropped out of college and is attending his first rock concert. All would be so easy if he wasn't also on his first hit of acid! His world is turned upside down as rock stars dive through the air, the Merry Pranksters weave their spell and pink elephants parade.


CIRQUEDELIC brings together the world of the underground 60’s rock scene for you to dance and explore. Brooklyn psychedelic band ELLIS ASHBROOK plays the hits like its 1968 at the Fillmore West all over again! Can you get groovy?

Cirque du Punk
@ Lot 45 Bushwhack

September 27th-28th, 2017

At Cirque du Punk, come dance to your favorite punk music hits! Brooklyn rockers TREADS play a full set like its 1980 on Bowery Street all over again. Surprises await as bartenders climb high in the air, dancers perform herculean feats of contortion and spurned girlfriends spin fire. Come dressed in your best dyes, Doc Martins and denim for a unique evening you're unlikely to forget.

@ New York International Fringe Festival

August 12th-25th , 2016

Lamia is a serpent that yearns to be human. She watches the life of a man she desires unfold, helpless to attract his attention. When a stranger offers her the chance to assume a womanly form, she must carry her shameful secret with her, lest her true identity destroy them both. Part dance, part live-music and part theater, Lamia explores the lengths we go to and what we compromise to reach the promise of love.


This multidisciplinary dance-theater piece brings together the musical talents of Brooklyn based rock band Ellis Ashbrook and singer/songwriter Janna Pelle, as well as Brooklyn fashion designers Tilly and William.  Written by Molly Haas-Hooven with choreography by Shannon Stowe, Lamia will premire at the NYC International Fringe Festival this summer.

What We Lost
@ The Muse Brooklyn

October 7th-17th, 2014

Holly lost it with Jordan Finer after a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Martin lost it in a parking lot with his middle-aged next-door neighbor. Greg lost it with Claire in her mother's bed, a towel over the sheets. Through six true stories, ranging from the hilarious to the heartbreaking, What We Lost is a deeply honest dance-theater piece that explores the circumstances, emotions, and complexities of losing it.


Playwright Matt Herzfeld took these stories and snippets and created the evening of monologues contained herein. These stories are all based on the experiences of our ensemble, and we believe paint a multi-faceted portrait of our culture’s continuing fascination with the rite of passage that is losing one’s virginity.

In The Hand of Dreams
@ The New School for Drama

October 31st-November 14th, 2013

In the Hand of Dreams follows the story of the love between a peaceful warrior, Toki, and Kit, a fox spirit. When a jealous sorcerer places a curse on Toki, Kit must enter the dreamworld of the gods to try and save him - but will she succeed? Adapted from ancient Japanese folktales translated by Y.T. Ozaki, In the Hand of Dreams is fantastical tale of a love that knows no boundaries and the lengths one will go to keep it, told in a spectacle of poetry and sound, movement and music.